It's not too late to get prepped for Christmas and that includes your marketing.

Whether you’re a service based or product based business, it's important to ensure you have your ducks in a row before the Christmas break. Need a hand over the next few weeks? We got chu. Whether you've been naughty or nice, we've been working with many of our clients to gear up for a well-deserved break this Christmas.

Spice Up Your Emails

Seasonalise your social media

It’s time to get creative, keep your business on-trend and get your audience in a festive mood!

  1. Dress up your profile photo to have yourself or your logo with a Christmas hat
  2. Create some holiday specific content – Festive images, gift ideas, interactive posts and helpful holiday tips
  3. Feature your special offers and end-of-the-year-promotions
  4. Share with your followers how your team celebrates Christmas!
  5. Communicate shipping cut-off-dates and closure dates

Spice up your emails

It’s nice to always thank your customers and the holidays are the perfect time to do it.

  1. Add a banner at the bottom of your email signature with your Christmas Closure Dates
  2. Set up a festive out-of-office message
  3. Reward loyal customers with a unique code or deal to them
  4. Schedule an email to wish your customers a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Add a festive flair to your website

Add some seasonal elements to your website to get visitors in the holiday mood.

  1. Change your website’s header, background or your main banner for an easy festive touch
  2. Create a ‘Gifts under $25 guide’ or ‘stocking stuffers’ collection page to promote on socials
  3. Create incentives to follow links to your store with discount codes
  4. Hold a contest / giveaway and promote it on socials

Ensure you clearly communicate: Shipping cut-off-dates & holiday closure dates / operating hours

Run special offers

It’s no secret that a lotttt of money is spent during the holiday period. Customers are searching for the best deals possible.

  1. Highlight any special offers and promos your business has in your search ads
  2. Contests and competitions are a great way to drive engagement on your social media account and drive traffic to your website


According to AusPost’s 2023 Inside Australian Online Shopping Report, there is a huge growth in online shopping post-pandemic.

82% of Australian households shopped online in 2022

5.6m households on average made an online purchase each month

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