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The client

The Savvy Creative, led by Nell, an industry expert with a decade of acting experience, is your go-to resource for creative success. Her platform equips aspiring artists with business, marketing, and financial insights through eBooks, online courses, and workshops. We delivered a complete brand kit, including a bold logo, vibrant branding, engaging social media, and a dynamic website, setting the foundation for Nell’s artistic journey.

Project Details

Chosen package: big brand theory

Summary of deliverables:

Logo & Branding Design, Business Cards, Email Signature, Social Media Content, Custom Website Design & Build, eBook Cover, Presentation Template


The Brief:

the struggles

Nell faced a unique challenge: she aimed to stand out in her industry with a bold and distinctive brand identity. She desired a cohesive look, incorporating multiple fonts and colours while avoiding clutter, overwhelm, or an outdated appearance.

The goal

Create a bold, grunge-inspired yet sophisticated logo and branding for Nell’s startup, The Savvy Creative. We worked closely with Nell to select fonts and colours that represented her, attracted emerging creatives, and steering clear of the ubiquitous pastels and pinks often seen in trending brands. The website and social templates were pivotal, demanding meticulous planning for a cohesive, engaging design across all platforms.

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Check out the website for yourself:

The Process and Outcome:

As a startup, Nell was determined to entrust her branding to a professional who could grasp her vision. The project’s primary objective was to establish a clear and distinctive brand aesthetic, equipping Nell with the relevant tools to effectively manage the brand assets on her social platforms and blog.

The website and social templates played a pivotal role in showcasing these brand assets. Extensive planning was essential to maintain uniformity and transparency in font and colour choices, ultimately resulting in a fresh and captivating design that resonates across all platforms.

Our collaboration with Nell has extended beyond the initial project. We continue to work on new programs, books, and presentations to boost her business. Additionally, we’ve joined forces in training sessions through AFTRs, sharing our expertise on logo and branding best practices and pitfalls with her students.


Not only is the final product incredible but the delivery, communication and support is better than I could have anticipated.

The team at Fifth Studio Design Co. are outstanding. From the minute I spoke with Natalie I felt like they knew exactly what they were talking about and could really deliver a fantastic experience.

I engaged their services for a full design of my business branding and asset creation as well as a website and further marketing materials including social media templates. Not only is the final product incredible but the delivery, communication and support is better than I could have anticipated. I highly recommend this company.

– Nell Nakkan, The Savvy Creative

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