The client

Nectar Botanicals is an Australian family business, dedicated to handcrafting a luxurious range of all-natural, organic, and environmentally friendly bath and body products. In collaboration with Annette, we rebranded her logo and packaging, creating a logo and colour palette that authentically represents her vision and values.

Project Details


Summary of deliverables:

Logo & Branding Design, Business Cards, Email Signature, Thank You Postcard Design, Packaging Design

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The Brief:

the struggles

To design a simple yet characterful type-based logo for Nectar Botanicals. It was important to create a packaging design that allowed Annette to change information easily for new products in the future as she was a start-up business and wanted to keep the future label designs in house.

The goal

The focus with Annette was to keep the costs down, but give her a clear framework to work within after the completion of the project with us. We wanted to create a really soft and inviting colour palette, with the use of different floral outlines for the branding. We needed to focus on creating a colour palette that allowed for a different colour for each product label within the same colour family, and expansion of other product categories in the years to come.

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The Process and Outcome:

Collaborating with Annette, we crafted a custom logo, colour palette, and brand assets for the Nectar Botanicals rebrand. Given the nature of her natural and organic business, it was vital to reflect these values in the chosen colours and fonts. After finalising the logo and branding, our focus shifted to developing essential brand assets, including a Thank You postcard for product orders and label designs for her handmade deodorant butter range. The process involved close collaboration with Annette and her printer to determine the optimal label size, ensuring a perfect fit around the tub while encapsulating the core brand elements.

We prioritised using a soft and inviting colour palette, incorporating various floral outlines for the branding and packaging. The focus was on creating a versatile colour scheme, enabling distinct colours within the same family for each product label. Additionally, the goal was to establish a clear framework for Annette to work within post-project, allowing for easy information updates on packaging for new products.

Understanding Annette’s hands-on approach to her business, our goal was to empower her to independently utilise the assets we crafted for her brand. We provided tools and resources within her skillset, ensuring she could seamlessly create social media posts and packaging in the future. Our collaborative approach allows Annette to work with us as needed, fostering a dynamic and self-sufficient brand management strategy.

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I absolutely love what they created!

I had Fifth Studio Design Co. work on a rebrand for my small business, Nectar Botanicals. I absolutely love what they created! Working with Natalie and Catalina was such a pleasure – they sure know how to create a product that is the perfect reflection of your product and in a way that is very pleasing to the eye and also practical. The other thing I loved about working with Fifth Studio Design Co. was their ability to listen to what I wanted and tailor that to what they create. Communication was always so easy. Hoping to work with Natalie and Catalina again in the near future.

– Annette Hague, Nectar Botanicals

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