The client

Freyja is a Melbourne-based clinic specialising in Naturopathy, Acupuncture, and Nutritional Medicine, with a focus on health, hormones, and fertility. Collaborating with Dr. Miranda Myles, the owner, we crafted a soft, elegant, and feminine branding that harmonises with the clinic’s aesthetics. The use of a gentle colour palette and arches contributes to a refined brand identity.

Project Details

ORIGINAL package: notorious-brand.i.g


Summary of deliverables:

Logo & Branding Design, Business Cards, Email Signature, Social Media Content, Document Design, Custom Website Design & Build

Freyja banner
Freyja Business Card
Freyja logo formats image

The Brief:

the struggles

Miranda was completing a full rebrand of her clinic, from a name change, to new colours and fonts. It was important to retain elements from the old branding for consistency with existing customers, while introducing new fonts and colours that aligned with her clinic’s updated direction. Another crucial consideration was the harmonisation of the colour palette with Miranda’s other businesses to ensure a seamless and complementary appearance in collaborative efforts, such as social posts and courses etc.

The goal

Creating a simple font based logo that has slight character, but also a colour palette and aesthetics that matched the custom furniture in the Albert Park Clinic.It was also important to incorporate a symbol that represents an embryo, as Freyja specialises in fertility and female health. The use of circular shapes such as arches, ovals and circles were important to continue the consistency of the branding.

Freyja - Favicon - Pink
Freyja - Horizontal Logo 2 Tagline 1 - Pink
Freyja - Flower Icon - Colour

Check out the website for yourself:

The Process and Outcome:

Miranda is a long-term client of ours, working with us on several of her businesses branding from logo, branding, social media content and websites. On this occasion, she worked with us on comprehensive rebrand for her clinic, encompassing a name change, fresh colours, and fonts.

The objective was to strike a balance between maintaining elements from the old branding for consistency with existing customers and introducing new fonts and colours that aligned with the clinic’s updated direction. A vital aspect involved ensuring harmony in the colour palette across Miranda’s various businesses, facilitating a seamless appearance in collaborative efforts like social posts and courses.

The creation of a simple font-based logo with subtle character aimed to match the custom furniture in the Albert Park Clinic. Additionally, the incorporation of a stylised symbol representing an embryo resonated with Freyja’s specialisation in fertility and female health.

We continue to work with Miranda monthly through our Monthly Retainer program, collaborating on various ongoing projects, including custom social media posts, document design for clinic patients and staff, signage, and website updates as needed.

freyja image signage

I have worked with Nat and her team for over 5 years and she is incredible.

I have worked with Nat and her team for over 5 years (before she had a team!) and she is incredible.

She has designed 7 logos for me, 4 websites, as well as signage for my clinic and hundreds of social media designs for all my businesses.

Nat is delightful to work with, she is passionate and focussed on understanding who you are as not only a business but a human too. Her creativity and ability to capture what I am thinking is astonishing. And then she’ll blow me away with the most simple tagline that captures exactly who I am.

Thank you Nat, Cat and your amazing Fifth Studio Design team. <3

– Dr. Miranda Myles, Founder of Freyja Health

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