The client

Flowing into Self specialises in individual counselling, psychotherapy, couple and relationship counselling, and sex therapy, all with the goal of enhancing one’s relationship with themselves and others. Collaborating with Paula-Jane, we crafted a textured brand with flowing lines that mirrors the essence of her services. The result is a sexy, stylish, exclusive, and corporate brand that seamlessly extends to her social media and website, creating a cohesive and appealing representation of Flowing into Self.

Project Details

Chosen package: Notorious Brand.i.g

Summary of deliverables:

Logo, Style Guide Cheatsheet, Social Post Templates, Highlight Covers, Business Cards, Email Signature, Profile Images for Social media

The Brief:

the struggles

Paula-Jane envisioned a logo and had a sketch created of her ideal logo, seeking to bring this concept into reality. The challenge lay in determining the right colours, fonts, textures, and symbols to ensure a cohesive brand.

The goal

To create a soft, sexy, and feminine yet inclusive logo and branding, starting with Paula-Jane’s vision for the brand. It was important to identify a font that allowed minor modifications to create the logo, but could also be used across social platforms and the website to maintain consistent aesthetics. Integrating magnolia flowers was crucial to Paula-Jane. This symbolic element seamlessly tied into the textures, fonts, and colours, ensuring a cohesive and timeless design.

The Process and Outcome:

Paula-Jane presented us with a clear vision for her logo and branding. Our challenge was to bring this vision to life while allowing for future development on social media and her website, incorporating elements like colour, fonts, texture, and symbols.

Maintaining a delicate balance between representing Paula-Jane’s femininity and ensuring inclusivity for all, including males and the LGBTQ community, was a top priority. Throughout our creative process, we explored unique fonts and textures to construct a cohesive and visually appealing brand kit for Flowing Into Self.

The font chosen for the logo, designed to be unique and seamlessly flowing into the letters, was created to provide Paula-Jane with the flexibility to use it consistently on her website, contributing to a clean and unified brand presence.


Natalie and Catalina created my full branding and social package and I am thrilled with the result.

Natalie and Catalina created my full branding and social package and I am thrilled with the result. Took a little time to get the finished product and meeting my overall vision, but Catalina worked with me through the process and we got exactly what I brief Fifth Studio with. Professional and personable service from start ti finish. They provided video help for technical use of the branding so I can do things myself after completion was A1 service on top. Highly recommend Fifth Studio Design Studio.

– Paula-Jane Buckland, Flowing Into Self

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