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The client

Dianna Daou is dedicated to empowering individuals and organisations to conquer challenges, unlock their full potential, and attain success. Her proficiency in productivity and communication training, delivered through one-on-one coaching, group training, and keynote speeches, enables professionals to reach their highest aspirations. During our collaboration, we provided a comprehensive brand kit, featuring a bold logo, vibrant branding, captivating social media assets, and a dynamic one-page website, which laid the groundwork for Dianna’s journey.

Project Details

initial package: big brand theory

Summary of deliverables:

Logo & Branding Design, Business Cards, Email Signature, Social Media Content, Custom Website Design & Build, eBook Cover, Presentation Template

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The Brief:

the struggles

Dianna aimed to differentiate herself within her industry by establishing a bold and unique brand identity. She had made previous attempts to create a logo using Canva but never felt entirely satisfied with the results. However, budget constraints prevented her from pursuing a full-fledged branding project.

The goal

Develop a bold yet feminine branding for Dianna’s business. Our collaborative process involved carefully selecting colours that resonated with her personal style, appealed to her target audience, and consciously avoiding the commonly used pastels and pinks in trending brands. To maintain cost-efficiency, we designed a one-page website, enabling Dianna to establish an online presence and a distinctive brand identity without exceeding her budget.

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Check out the website for yourself:

The Process and Outcome:

During our collaboration with Dianna, we created a distinctive and feminine brand identity that sets her apart in her industry. The thoughtfully chosen colours aligned with her personal style and resonated with her intended clients.

The creation of a one-page website provided a cost-effective solution for establishing a professional online presence and brand identity, enabling her to effectively showcase her services while adhering to her budget. Furthermore, we have plans to expand the website in the near future, incorporating multiple pages to optimise SEO results.

We maintain an ongoing partnership with Dianna, working diligently behind the scenes across all three of her businesses. This involves crafting digital and print assets for her speaking and training endeavour’s, contributing to her continued success.

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The attention to detail and communication about our needs and goals is always thorough, compassionate and effective.

Nat and the team at Fifth Studio are simply incredible!

The attention to detail and communication about our needs and goals is always thorough, compassionate and effective. After the first rebranding project with Fifth, which was delivered quickly, to a high standard and exactly on brief, we have gone on to use Nat and the team for ALL our design needs in the business.

Every time we use Fifth Studio we are even more impressed by their passion and understanding of our vision. It doesn’t feel like we have hired Fifth as an external design studio, it feels like they are part of our very own team.

I would highly recommend Nat and the team for anyone who wants to high quality designs and excellent service and support.

– Dianna Daou, Founder of Dianna Daou

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